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Dear Valued Clients!

Canh Ve Security Joint Stock Company would like to send the most respectfull greetings to our Valued Clients. With many years of experience in the field of professional security protection, Canh Ve Security Company is proud to offer one of the professional security service providers in Vietnam.

Our security service types are as follows:

  • Professional Security Services: Provide professional security staffs
  • Carry out the training the skills in security operations.
  • Sell and install security systems, fire protection equipment.
  • Install fixed navigation, positioning, remote monitoring, online systems...
  • Provide staffs to supervise the materials, fixed assets.
  • Provide security personnel commanders, manage the buildings, apartments.
  • Investo, ultilise the smart parking services.....
  • Protect the security of the banks, restaurants, hotels, factories, enterprises, ....
  • Protect the security of offices, agencies, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, ...
  • Protect the security of the Expo, groundbreaking and inauguration cermonies, ...
  • Protect the security of the bank, charge for quick response of the ATM cabinets, preventing high-tech crime.
  • Protect the security of the plants, factories, warehouses, industrial parks, the buildings, construction sites...
  • Protect the security of the Embassy offices, Downtown complex areas, exhibition centers, clubs, stadiums, ...
  • Protect the security of the bars, restaurants, hotels ... Escorting rhe money, goods, ...
  • VIP security, private houses, escort missions, seminars, concerts, ...
  • Sales Supervisor, protection and management of security assets goods, ...

Along the development of the society, professionalism of each profession with distinct characteristics will bring your maximum effective security services that we provide are based on key elements.

1. People:

  • The company's founding leaders had held senior high ranking positions in the industry, many years of experience and dedication in the field army, the police, under the political bureau.
  • Executive Managers: With university degrees, college degrees, understanding and mastering the law, with experience and outstanding skills in the management, administration, operation of security protection services, many of them had been commanding officers, management levels in the police force, and in the army.
  • Teaching and traning team: The teaching and training team with people who are experienced in practical activities in the aim of protecting and are former lecturers in the police and military.
  • Technicians: Consisting of a team with people who are technicians experienced on the electronic devices of the security systems in buildings, commercial centers etc.
  • Security guards: Gathering the people who are enthusiastic, experienced with many years of seniority in the field of professional security. And the soldiers returned back from military troops, trained with a separate specialized curriculum composed by our experienced teaching staffs.

2. The security appliance and equipment:

  • Our most modern of our company’s monitoring, testing, alarm equipment, smoke detectors are now are integrated and programmed into a system, operated effectively by Canh Ve Security’s specialized security staffs.
  • Supportive equipment: Canh Ve Security is proud to be a provider who was licensed to use modern supportive equipment and tools like Roller Gun, RG 88 guns, M22 guns, JSJ928 electric rods, ZZ1101, X8, TW09 and riot shields, anti-crashing bulletproof armors etc.

The combination of human factors and high-tech equipment creates a Credited & Trusted Brand to our Customers for our Canh Ve’s security services. Our company wants and always is ready to serve you with the standard and professional services. 


Please contact us for more specific advice and responses.

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