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Strengths Of The Company

Values and code of ethics of the Canh Ve Security is one of the main policies of the company. This set of rules giving basic principles to all employees and business partners are required to comply at all times.

ANCV the manh

Operations of Canh Ve Security based on fundamental values:


Canh Ve Security emphasizes the honest businessapproaching method. The success of any enterprise depends largely on the honesty and integrity of the staffs. Canh Ve Securityis constantly towards the requirements of integrity and honesty.


Canh Ve Security emphasizes the professional businessapproaching method. Our employees always try to be thoughtful, willing to observe, listen and evaluate in order to take the appropriate actions to protect the people and property of the customer as well as the values and ethics ofCanh Ve Security.

Ready to help

Canh Ve Security strives to make human life more secure. Canh Ve Security’s staffs always are ready to assist in any situation and specific tasks. We're here to help colleagues, clients and others in need of help.

Discipline of Steel Spirit

With the enthusiasm of Leadership Board, Canh Ve Security desires to preserve the sacred profoundly meaning to protect the people and the fatherland.

With the desire to bring the Army’s discipline into real life, Canh Ve Securityconducts the executive management with the motto: DISCIPLINE OF STEEL SPIRIT TO CREATE THE STEEL PEOPLE.

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