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I. General concepts  Training time 
 1  General concept about the Security Protection Sector - Bodyguards.  10  Professions to Close anf Open and Manage the Sealing. 15 days
2 Honor and loyalty. 11 Professions to Identify And memorize 
3 Command, etiquette, behavior, team. 12 Operations to protect the security of the fixed and mobile targets.
4 Functions, duties and powers. 13 Professions to Protect the security of the sites. 
5 Professions to patrol, control. 14 Map and analyze the targets
6 How to use and make the records and reports. 15 Emergency cases, move the victims
7 Behave, communicate and practice. 16 Observation skills, methods of estimation.
8 Guidance to write the record books. 17 Methods of Coaching Staffs.
9 Operations to awareness, prevent and troubleshoot.    
II. Legal knowledge  
1 The relevant provisions in the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code. 3 The relevant provisions in the Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code. 7 days
2 The relevant provisions in the Administrative Code and Labour Code. 4 Related Terms In Economic Law.
III. Skills, tactics, martial arts  
1 Fundamental  skills 4 Skills to avoid and defense. 7 days
2 Skills to control, lock and remove the key. 5 Combat Fighting Techniques.
3 Tactics to Attack and self defense. 6 Advanced training 
IV. Fire Prevention and Fighting skills  
1 Core Principles about the fire prevention and fighting. 3 Detect and identify the fire and explosion. 5 days
2 Measures to to prevent and fight to the fire. 4 The Cases of fire and first aid.
V. Ability to use Equipment  
1 Skills to Use and Maintenance the Support Tools. 3 Skills to Use the Smoke Fire alarm. 4 days
2 Skills to Operate and Monitor Alarm Systems. 4 Skills to Use the special equipments.
VI. Communication skills  
1 Behavior, Languages, Greetings, Communication 5 English for General communication 7 days
2 Communication Skills: Communications, Telephone. 6 Coordination and Collaboration With Government  and Police.
3 Reception, statutes, rites. 7 Costumes, attitudes, styles, lifestyle.
4 Respect Customers and The Rules And Regulations. 8 Case Processing Skills.
VII. Special skills  
1 Operation to first aid, and evacuation disband. 2 Basic Marketing and business skills 15 days


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