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The reasons to choose Canh Ve security?


1. Founders: Founders of the Company are Colonels, Senior Lieutenant Colonels who held senior positions in operations and dedications in the army, the police, under the Ministry of politics ... with the slogan: DISCIPLINE OF STEEL SPIRIT, that helps us to succeed.

2. Legal Compliance: As one unit is directly managed by the PC 64 (Ministry of Police). We have license to train the security guards and bodyguards.

3. Financial Capability: Finance strong, help us to overcome immediately any issue, even the smallest, to ensure the benefits to customers including liability insurance up to 7 billion dongs for each incident. In addition the company also participated in a full range of insurance.

4. Scale of operation: The unit has a large-scale operation, with 8 branches stretching from northern to southern regions.

5. Emergency 24/24 response team: In addition to the quality of service, we have the force of Quality Control, Emergency Response Team to check and support 24/24 hours, report the incident exactly on time at the target.

6. Security guards: Gathering the enthusiastic, experienced people with many years of seniority in the field of professional security. And the soldiers who left the military troops, trained in a specific specialized curriculum.

7. Price policy: reasonable price, from common levels to high class levels to meet the diverse needs of customers. Strictly implement the terms of the two sides have signed. Especially on the principle of compensation.

8. Equipment: Employees are equipped with special security and modern uniforms, equipment and support tools. Legally licensed to use guns such as Roller 007, M22, RG 88, riot shields, anti-crashingarmor etc.

9. Customers: Hung Hau Corporation, Hung Vuong Seafood Group, Group Foreign Trade rubbing Concrete Construction, Intelligent Mobility System, CitimartSupermarket, Hoan Hao Clinics, Nha Be Garment Corporation, Vietnam Tien Garment Corporation, and many other clients.

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