All employees when applying for the Security Force of our company must undergo physical, health checks, tests, interviews to determine their personal abilities, abilities, knowledge, experience…to ensure that the recruitment standards are met, and the trainees will be formally trained at the special training center of the Police and the Company.

I. General concept

1. General concept of Security - Bodyguards.
2. Honor and loyalty
3. Order, etiquette, manners, teamwork.
4. Functions, duties, powers.
5. Professional patrol and control.
6. How to use and practice the records, reports.
7. Conduct, communication and practice.
8. Guides to take notes in guard books.
9. Incident identification, prevention and handling operations.
10. Sealing, opening and operation management.
11.Identification and memorizing operations.
12. Protection of fixed and mobile targets.
13. Site security operations.
14. Objective diagram and analysis.
15. Emergency cases, moving the victim.
16. Skills of observation, estimating method.
17. Staff training method.